Don’t worry bout a thing and take pride in who you are! 

We struggle

No one expects you to be perfect

Reality is frustrating

Emotions can seem directed towards you when they are towards the situation (or at least should be)

I didn’t do anything wrong

If you did something wrong you have nothing to regret

You cannot be upset if you did your best

Life is tough but you are too

I got faults, what are you gonna do about it? Sue me? Shut up, k? We all got faults. And I’m proud of my faults. 

Yeah you read right, I am proud to make mistakes. The past week I decided I’m going to take pride in everything I do and stand by it. This decision is the best thing I’ve ever done. It is helping me feel secure in my decisions and with whatever Hashem does. It is helping my self esteem rise. And currently I’m feeling very good about myself. By taking pride and responsibility for my mistakes I am able to feel good about them. So yeah, I made a mistake but I did my best in that moment. So…. What else could I of done? How else can I help you? I cant! So what are you going to do? Make me feel bad? Guilty? Upset? Shame me? Blame me? Sue me? Go ahead. I’m not the one getting hurt and frustrated…. You are. 

I will not apologize for something I cannot control or when I do the best I can in that situation factoring in how I feel and what’s going on in my life. I will take pride in where I am and my capabilities and in my faults. 

Sure I can be sorry that hashem didn’t make me in a way that I could of done better and I can be sorry that this is reality but I can’t say I’m sorry for doing my best! Like.. What? And that’s what I was doing a lot. For years I’ve been doing this, and this week I finally figured it out.

Listening to this a lot lately. I have more to post soon. Look out for me. 

Hadassi Shachar


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