Sim Shalom: What is peace? (Shemonei Esrei Musing Part 2)

Hey everyone! I am sorry I do not write to often, but I feel silly.
This blog is meant to be on IMPORTANT things I feel about life, if there’s nothing to say, what do I write? I wanted to write another bracha…but I have to write it when the moment is right. When I am doing nothing but spraying whites erev shabbos, taking a shower, or walking and thinking about life, when suddenly inspiration hits me with a big BANG! I suddenly think! OMG this thought fits _______ posuk or bracha PERFECTLY! Now I get it!!!
These words are standing deliciously at the edge of my tongue and if I don’t write down my musings now I fear I will forget them. So here we go!

I am starting backwards. What is peace? When you say “bring upon us peace?” what do you mean? Yadaya yada, talk about the lamb sleeping with the lion, the wars stopping…
But what is peace for a teenage frum BY (or even not! Any teenage girl or boy! Jewish or not) girl or boy?


You are wrong, you think when Mashiach comes we won’t have homework? Noisy siblings? Kids will be kids, even in Olam Habah. Hey, we may not have the yetzer hara to tie them up and stuff them in the closet (on that note- that is a bad idea, you parents will get mad like mine when I tried it) but they will still be annoying!! How is that peace? What will change in the peace in our lives? I mean a lot will change (Save for a next post how mashiach affects us) but how will the newfound peace change us?

So back to the first question…Peace.
You feel peace when everything is calm. But hey, that’s not REAL peace, C’mon, your environment may be peaceful. But that’s is not peace for you. You may feel peaceful, but that is cuz of your environment.

Real peace is peace within yourself!!! When we ask G-d for peace, we are acutally asking him to have peace in ourselves. There are a bazzilion people whose lives are perfect but are in a conflict inside (I think I wrote a post how every conflict is really inside? Can someone find it so I can link it to here…if not I have to share this idea with you!) So listen, we want us to accept ourselves, our faults, learn to grow past them.

I couldn’t of put it any better! She means she was at peace inside.
I was thinking, of all the girls who sit alone, and all the girl who sit alone but aren’t alone.
You know those people who sit alone so contently when no one seems interested in them, and they really don’t seem to care. They are so comfortable and at peace, it makes YOU wish to look that way and be on the sidelines too. But when you try it, or are forced into it….
It’s not like that.

Cuz she is at peace. She no longer cares who talks to her cuz she knows her worth, loves herself, and people know that (or may not in some cases) and admire her more than other and respect her for it. I know someone like that. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and people do like her, she is more popular because she knows who she is, is at peace, and doesn’t care if the world talks about it her (to some extent, one MUST on some level care what the world thinks about them, or we’d all do whatever we wanted and dress the way we wanted and act crazy…)

Looking at her, I daven to Hashem that I find my inner peace…
Slowly I have…
Can you too?

Be in touch!
❤ Hadassi



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