How the site works and contacting me

You can email me at I answer people within 2 days usually if I am not super busy. You can follow me on twitter and google plus (search for frumgirlmusings) I don’t check them very often, but they post automatically every time I post. You can follow me also by email too! Just look on the side bar.

I’ve had my writing featured in Mishpacha’s Teen Pages and have been interviewed by the Lakewood Scoop and Binah Twirl. If you are interested in giving me an interview for your publication (about my blogging, aliyah experience, writing, or songwriting) or wish to showcase my writing in your publication please email me! I am quite interested in working with publications.

This is my platform or any other frum girl’s platform to make a say. Feel free to send me ideas, requests, and anything else. I have strong opinions of the world, and here is where I let them free.

If you want to comment anonymously you are welcome to use a fake name and email. The only reason you are told to give an email is in case I wish to email you something versus publicly answering you. I don’t care if you use a fake email, it will go through-but just know I will have no way of responding to you other from commenting under you. In any case, no one sees the email except for me.

Comment and subscribe and tell your friends!!!!
Please tell me what you want me to write about next!!!!
Be in touch

– Hadassi Shachar


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