Tefila post and life update

Ok so yeah. I know I said I would have this up but this break has been pretty hectic for me. I have been really depressed, like serious depression and I’ve been struggling with a lot of things about me. I think I need a break from like everyone to find myself again cuz I havent been myself for a while. So I think that’s what I’m gonna do over the next week. 

Anyway so my tfila post will be up as soon as I can. Definitely by the end of the month but I’m going to try to get it done quicker. I feel like Hashem is telling me to finally write a long thing about it, not only for you guys but because I really need the chizuk that will come along when I write it. 

I also just came up with a wonderful song on the topic, straight from hashem I must say, so yeah. It’s nice to write some raw things like this once in a while, just being real with you guys…. 

Anyway have a great pesach and I’ll see you guys soon, hopefully in a much better place. 

Feel free to email me 📧(love your emails guys! 💖) or comment down below 👇 

Hadassi Shachar (hadassishachar@gmail.com💌) 


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