Who are you? (Becoming a creator)

Hi everyone! Here is my post, as promised!

Who are you? We made are made up of so many different parts. Hashem has given you so many gifts, talents, abilities. He gave you your personality, your family, your wants, desires, etc. How can you claim to own any of these things when they are all just things that you acquired and were not earned or deserved in the slightest?

One of the wonderful things I have heard now quite a few times is that we are our actions. What does that mean? Well, Hashem puts feelings in your heart, and ideas in your head- you cannot claim to own any of these. But you are the one who chooses what to do with them. So automatically our choices are a large chunk of who we are. “Actions speak louder than words” is a famous quote I’m sure you have heard of.

Of course you should not now sit over any past regrets that you have from past actions. The best thing to do when one regrets what they did, or are hurt by someone else’s actions, the best revenge is using all Hashem has given you today to make the most of today and tomorrow. That is the best revenge you can give anyone, yourself included.

But what happens when you think you have passed the point where your actions and choices that you have made don’t define a good you. Of course you can do that whole revenge thing, but it certainly isn’t easy and you may like giving up. You say to yourself you might as well. If your choices and actions haven’t been good, then how can you call yourself a good person?

Well if you look towards the first bracha of shemoneh esrei (Sorry that series got only 3 parts….I guess this can be a mini shmoneh esrei post) the entire bracha is about the avot- most obvious and mentioned quite more than the others is Avraham. Why is that? Well we all know Avraham Avinu was a smart little boy who searched out Hashem from as young as age 3, and he spent his life dedicated toward showing others the truth and Hashem’s existence. As he got older he was worried that no one would carry on his legacy, and although Hashem promised him he would have kids, even though he was very old , that still didn’t pacify Avraham. He wanted to hear something more.

So Hashem promised Avraham that he would put an indestructible force in his children that would be a part of Hashem himself. This is otherwise known as the neshoma, but in this context we can call it what it was originally called- Magen Avraham”.  

Now we can properly understand the meaning of the the first bracha of shmoneh esrei. Now you can understand that no matter how much wrong you do, you still have Magen Avraham, in fact you thank Hashem for it every single day. No matter what happens you know that this piece of you can never be destroyed or go away, and this part of you will always fight for the right thing and for Hashem.

So now we know that you take your Magen Avraham, your feelings, your intelligence- to make proper decisions. These decisions become your actions.

But what am I supposed to do with all this information? What is my purpose in this world? What do we do with this “I” we have now discovered

Well that’s easy, we are here to earn Olam Haba. (That’s the most basic reason, although there are others). So now we have to ask ourselves, what is Olam Haba? According to various opinions Olam Haba is being close to Hashem.

Well what does it mean being close to Hashem? Being close to Hashem is enjoying his presence and appreciating all he’s done. To appreciate something fully, you must have some sort of an understand of the task that was done, and to understand someone or something to the highlest level we must be in their position. This brings me to my last point. A creation cannot understand a creator. But a creator can understand another creator. Our job in this world is to recreate ourselves, and then we are considered creators. Once we do that we can finally get Olam Haba. You are what you build yourself up to be.

We are made up of many parts, and any feelings and thoughts you may have are normal. It’s okay. Although people may tell you throughout life your thoughts, questions, and feelings are misplaced, inappropriate, etc- don’t believe them. Of course there’s a time and place for everything, and you need to deal with these things. But don’t invalidate their existence. Be honest with yourself.

-Sometimes we need to grow, and sometimes we need to seriously change

– You have to be prepared to fail in order to succeed
– Failure is not a noun-it’s an event

I know I covered a lot of points in this post, I hope you all like it.

Bezrat Hashem I hope my next post will be made up of my points that come from me. Although I commented and added a bunch of my idea scattered around, it’s mostly based on the amazing classes with have.

As always, I wait to hear from you guys! Comment, subscribe, and email me.
– Hadassi



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