First 2 months of Seminary in a nutshell

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry, I never expected to be this busy with seminary! I promise I’ll be posting a real interesting post this friday bezrat hashem, and perhaps even before that. This post is going to be just very light, updates, random thoughts versus my usual thought out concentrated posts that have conclusions and a purpose to them.

First, I love seminary. I feel like Hashem is just sending me a huge hug everyday. Life has never been better for me. I really love the girls, atmosphere, teachers, classes…etc.

I’ve gotten caught up already in a lot of discussions, and my strong opinions about life has garnered a few arguments. Eh, what can you do? I say it as I see it. I’ve written a few good poems, and I want to add that although life has never been better that doesn’t mean there aren’t struggles.

I mean, I still struggle with overthinking, and powerful emotions-although well grounded now and I have about 90 percent controlled, there’s still that wonderful 10 percent left. Although I have been working on making healthy interpersonal relationships for several years now and consider myself as good as the average person (or even better) now, in my head I still have some old ideas that I do have to remind myself are not correct and are not me.

Did we have a post yet about who we are? We have had a few classes about who we are, emotions, cognitively, our spark/neshomah, purpose in this world and how it fits into who we are and building ourselves up. I’m almost sure my next post will be a mashup of those classes- but I could be wrong as I do like to write here about my own conclusions of life rather parotting things I’ve heard. But again, that post if it is not my next one, will probably happen, and it is a mashup of about 7-1o classes by different teachers so it is sort of my conclusions on it all.

I still make fun of sem girls. I keep saying I’m going to start a short blog on funny sem life stuff….eh, I barely have time for this! But I’ve had quite a few mixups and funny stories from the american seminary girls who just don’t get it that I live here. Or keep mixing up my seminary with another one with a similar name. I told my friends that we are now official sem girls after having done/said

– Eating out because there’s not food at an expensive restaurant down the block
– Getting lost because although we live in the country, were still idiots
– Getting ice coffee multiple times
– Using the terms: sketchy, legit, shek, ma kesh, yalla with american accents

There’s this thing about not sleeping together every single night that actually makes seminary enjoyable. Because you see, when you don’t live with the girls, you really appreciate them more, and you don’t hate girls for stupid reasons like leaving their socks out. Oh, and you can go home, and sleep in your bed, or your friend’s bed, or meet your friend’s families. Did you know seminary girls have families? You also have a lot more jewish geography. Oh and like after seminary…you still live in the same country.

So yeah. Seminary is fun. Not sleeping, totally fun. And even when classes get canceled, you still don’t sleep because you know-blogging. Oh and a cool thing is, a lot of people in my seminary don’t even know what a blog is. I remember one of the teachers was talking about apikores blogs and a large majority shrugged their shoulders. “So it’s like a page on the internet that anyone can see and you write whatever you want!”

That got a lot of blank looks.

Oh and in case you didn’t hear- Donald Trump is President. Word is he made a huge kiddush this past Shabbos…and mexico sponsored it. Also in case you do get your news here (I should make a new vlog… with all the bad words replaced with “shnitzel” and “herring”. How many of you would watch it?) I just saw a frum mannequin challenge. Do they do these at your seminary? Don’t think it’ll fly by mine….

It’s the new planking, sorry eh, chairflipping, or whatever the trend was last week…ahhh fighting the air. Now that made some hilarious videos. Try searching that on youtube when you are depressed.

Another thing, it’s so interesting that when you change…some things that made your depressed make you happy and vise versa. Now that I have grown so much, that song I showed you in a nother post “On My Way Home” by Issac Miracles about anxiety and overthinking is my favorite song now, Every time I listen to it it’s like hearing the words “I beat this, I beat this, I beat this!” again and again. Just a little insight for you.

And now for some wise words of quotes:

– If you can get rid of it, it’s not you (introduction for the “real you” post)
– Just because something is effective, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea
-Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional

As usual please send any thoughts, comments, questions, and literature to I love to hear from you. I love to hear your guess as to who you think I am. And hey, if you are in seminary….perhaps I’ll see you around town 😉

Not that seminary girls have email and internet access. I haven’t tried googling my blog in school to see if it’s blocked or not.

Anyway, about the hearts…well I just heart Hashem and sem and life and yeahhhhhhh.
This is a bit of a ranttttt, so I”m ending this now.



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