The fault is in the stars

The Unexpected
Makes us feel threatened
I’m seeking the one I call me
Preceding victory
Got dash quickly
I’m the only woman alive you see

For the life I mourn, I have not lived
Yet the sky still yells apocolapse
In my head in my head in my head
What’s mine I’ve taken rightfully
Now’s the time I’ll declare my indepedancy
I’m alive now and I’m no longer dead

Finish thou sentance
Seeking repentance

The fault is only in the stars
Just starting over
September October
Gonna give it my all

For what I’ve dreamed is now phsyical
Gotta make the most of the illogical
And I’m crying tears of jubilation
What’s mine I’ve taken rightfully
Now’s the time I’ll declare my indepedancy
Finally getting to lay my foundation

Hi everyone! I’ve been so busy with seminary, I have no time to post. But I promise you an exicting post about Elul will be up Sunday/Monday ūüôā ¬†Speaking of seminary, it absolutely rocks! I love my new sem and I’m so so so excited! Baruch Hashem viyishtabach shimo many things I have been davening for for years are finally coming to play.¬†

I’ve worked really hard on this song so you better had like it! It’s sums up my worries about the school (Finding myself, unexpected turns, meeting new people) and also talks about some good things! Like:

–¬†¬†Accepting myself
-Accepting what Hashem gives me right now
– Accepting that my faults aren’t bidavka my fault… (the fault it only in the stars)
– Forgiving myself for different things I did as the person I was and entering this new stage as a new person
– Laying down the foundation for my life
-Plus I’ve never been this happy my entire life. I haven’t felt this fufilled in years.

As you can see, I usually don’t dissect my songs, I leave that to you. I put many thoughts and emotions into every word as you can see- all you have to do is look. But this time I wanted to be more direct about how sem is going too but did not have time for a full explanation.

‚̧ Hadassi



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