And I’m back!

And I’m back! Did you guys miss me? I must apologize from dissapearing for such a long whilebut at least I’m back now, I’m alive, well, and yeah! Wowhas it been 2 months?

I’m actually pretty busy this summer, I have on and off jobs which is good because I don’t feel pressured, busy, and frustrated from being overworked. I have written a few stuff that appeared in the Mishpacha’s teen pages, and there may be more coming (I’m always sending in stuff). I got really into writing short stories. I’m doing some puzzles, chilling with my friends, and I went on a bunch of school trips we had in the summer (yes, I know I have graduated, but we were still invited along and I’m glad I went to them-they were fun).

I have so much to write, and talk about, and so many ideas going through my head! And in a less than a month I’ll be heading to seminary! Don’t think I’m going to stop blogging, hopefully you guys are going to get more blogs!

I was actually thinking a lot recently about ending my blog. I mean, I started this blog when I was in 10th grade, I was a whole different person back then. I’ve been through a lot, and you can see from my blog, and although I write under a pen name- there are many people in real life who know I am the author. While this was worrying me for a while, those worries have been put to rest officially. I was reading an article in Mishpacha is joking and seriously talking about the sad fact of people using pen names, how we hide our names anytime when writing or being interviewed, even in the most trivial of areas.

Quote: “It’s not uncommon to see a quote from someone like: ‘I used _____ shampoo for my kids’ – Shlumtzy F.|Hawaii  *Names and Places have been changed to protect privacy'”. I was thinking about it a lot. I’m definitely not blogging about shampoo, but what do I have to be afraid of? Shidduchim? Adults? I’m an adult for heaven’s sake, and Hashem will find me a zivug, schools for me and my future kids with or without me blogging under a pen name lishmo (in Hashem’s name/merit). Okay, so I’m not going to be doing that thing in my dream where I show up at the Jerusalem Writers Convention with a name tag reading “Hadassi Shachar” and of course everyone will have heard of me, etc. I’m probably going to completely stop telling anyone that I am the author of this blog. Me and Hadassi Shachar are 2 separate people, for now. It’s unfortunate, but I’m not scared of it being this way.

Although I was a different person when I started this blog, and I have changed over time, that isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, it just serves a purpose to show how much I have changed and that I’m no longer scared to write what I think, about myself, my fears, life, insecurities, and use black humor too. Because I don’t care. I am here to uphold Hashem’s name. I am here to have fun and to express myself. There’s is nothing to be scared of.

Now that I’m back, get ready for a real ride! I have some new projects and ideas coming along, and loads and loads of topics to write about! I’m super excited to be back blogging! I have some new styles of writing and poetry I want to try out too. I’ve always been interested in humor writing. In the real world I‘m funny (or at least I think I am) but it seems written humor is different than spoken humor. Perhaps I just need to read a bit more about it and have some practice and I’ll be good to go.

In anycase…I do have a new email, I haven’t switched over everything yet so my old email is still going to be up and working until I switch everything on the site.

I will be officially posting on a weekly basis. I’m not sure if I want to set out a official day of the week, but if I end up trying to do that it’s most probably going to be motzash/Sunday. I live in Israel so all you chutznikim will probably see my latest post the latest-Sunday afternoon.

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