What does it mean to be a good person? (Poem)

This world is worth dust
yet it all means so much to me
and I want to start crying because
nothing makes sense to be

We’re all running after dreams of what?
Who says it’s not just mist and were all nuts about
something that contradicts
everything were working for and with

I pursue what I thought would make me happy
but happiness is overrated, it needs therapy
or a new definition that explains
it’s real description
something we can actually attain

Nothing will be a fix, they try to control it
with so many things- drugs, food, smoke, web, or drinks
Band aids should just be ripped off, for the world
is less pretentious than you ever thought
a rocky cliff I’m full of riffs
and how can I ever be able to fix all this?

What does it mean to be a good person?
I was or am, not sure anymore
from the start it was a given but perhaps I was too easily
forgiven once I realized now all the faults I have
and when I realized it’s all true
now I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do
haven’t you heard:  “lose a friend, lose all friends, lose yourself”?
it’s all what they say on the books on your shelf

Changing though is what I’m all about
and I won’t give up, oh no not now
I thought about it all too much, and I realized that
it’s not my fault, though it’s easy to think it is

Now I’m gonna say it a million times
so I keep remembering the faults not mine
people make decisions and I don’t cause em, cant stop em
sometimes it’s hard to understand and you want to yell is

But Hashem always has you back no matter what. You just gotta keep on praying, and crying out to him. Your circumstances in life isn’t your fault. And it’s sometimes it’s hard for you to see that. Sometimes it’s hard for other people to see it too. It sucks when people don’t understand and try to prove your wrong before you have even opened you mouth. It’s hard not to care what they all think. But you know, you know better. It really doesn’t matter. You know it’s not your fault. Don’t say it’s Hashem’s fault either. It’s destiny that you were born this way, and you can change it!!!!!!

The only thing you can blame yourself with is not changing at all in this lifetime.
You didn’t choose the circumstance. Not everyone understand that. And that’s okay, but you can’t control them .

Are you a good person? Am I good person? These are questions we all ask. What is a good person?
It’s not just your actions- it’s your speech, thoughts, and intentions.

We make mistakes. Just because I made mistakes or didn’t know better doesn’t mean I am a bad person, contrary to what some may say about me. Because I know I’m trying. I know I have flaws, I know I may do things that aren’t nice to other people, but I’m trying. I really am.

I was thinking about it a lot recently, and I realized nothing will give me happiness. Even when I get where I want to be it’ll be “great, so now what?” Humans are great at getting used to things, I want happiness but I don’t think it can just come, and it won’t come from physical, social, or other things. The only real pleasure and happiness you can get is spiritual.

And if you read any of this, just think hard about this, think hard about it for me:

If you just give someone a chance to change they can.
But they will never be able to grow if you never give them the room.
People do change and when they do- look at them for who they are today.

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❤ Hadassi



    1. I wasn’t sad. Frustrated and upset but not sad. Everything in this world is for the good. If you are new to my blog you are discovering that I am very blunt. This is how I view the world, at least-my world. The world is a tough place. I’m a deep thinker, I’m not being sad, just realistic.

      I was thinking a lot about how nothing can make a human happy here, happiness belongs to olam habah. Of course I’m a happy friendly person like most people, but it’s not REAL. Its comes and goes, and what’s it based off of? Gashmiyus? Stuff that are just dust, that mean nothing in the world to come. Of course happiness would be fleeting then if you believe and pursue a happiness that comes from fleeting thing. I thought I worked on myselfa lot. I did. But I got a big eye opener recently that showed me that although I had gone from nothing to an staggering amount of change, it wasn’t enough.

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      1. My post ended with me explaning that I will pick myself up again and fight and daven. It also ended with a message, that just as I hope people will be able to see my changes and not see the old me, you should look for the same in the people around you too, for my sake.


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