A teen’s guide to surviving high school

Okay, so I’ve been waiting for the right moment to write. It usually hits me once a week, an idea I have been thinking of a lot recently sometimes with a poem I had written during the week. But recently it just hasn’t come. I mean I think, but I just feel my head is empty recently of topics that are appropriate for my blog. (Haven’t written any poems in the last few weeks either versus my usually poem every 2-3 days) This week I saw this sentence:

“If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write” that and a conversation I had with a girl I know currently in 8th grade. She asked me what I thought of high school and although my teacher had encouraged us to summarize our high school life on a paper privately to finish the chapter it was good talking about it in general with her and really made me think- “what did I think about high school?” So with this long introduction through with, I here present you with A teen’s guide for surviving high school

Here are some quick facts:
(This can also be 60/40 or 40/60 depending on the person)

YEAR BY YEAR (Schoolwork regime is based off of my school so no promises about how accurate it is for your in that aspect)

9th grade-meeting new people, finding out who your friends are and what type of girls you want to be friends with, starting to think for yourself. Not much schoolwork.

10th grade- the year of hormones and emotions. It’s the worst and the best year. It’s the pinnacle of your teens-16. You begin to really think for yourself and try out new things. You strengthen your friends and you will find yourself ditching class…a lot.A lot of struggles but also triumphs.You don’t think too well before doing things, you don’t internalize the idea of cause and effect too well.You may make bad choices and experiment but…..

10th/11th grade- most girls straighten out, prioritize their life, and figure out their values. You begin to take on Judaism for yourself and do things because you enjoy and want to be Jewish (On the average it happens in these grades. But I know people who realized this in 8th grade and others post sem, so don’t worry if you haven’t gotten there yet) This is also the years you may run into bad people (more about that later)

11th grade- The academic year. You are becoming more aware of yourself and responsible for yourself. You have your values and priorities more or less. The friends you have now are people you trust and truly stick with. You are still working on yourself a lot but less than 10th grade. It’s less quantity but better quality since you know yourself better. So you aren’t just jumping randomly than looking afterwards.

12th grade- Congrats on becoming an adult!!! Lots of schoolwork but also tons of realizing with friends and enjoying the last year of school. It’s going to be hard to find the right place for next year but Hashem will help find it.

An attitude makes a world of a difference. I know perhaps this place wasn’t your first pick but this is where you are

You help shape the environment. I know you aren’t super excited about ____ activity/class/person but just fake it, keep to the sidelines, or ditch it. Don’t complain out loud or make a big deal.

My summary of high school:

In high school you are going to meet a bunch of challenges. You are going to be exposed to certain things, even if your high school is picture perfect from the outside as you go along you will hear of different things if not first hand than second hand, or third hand. You may hear of these things from people close to you and that’s okay. You are going to hear about new ideas and new things and want to try them out and it’s okay as long as you fogure out where you are going. Some things you might hear about is: alcohol, smoking, girls hanging with guys, girls hanging with girls (not in the usual way) abuse (emotional/phsyical) (heard from other people about things out of school, or going on in school) and much more. 

You are also going to bump into bad people. When i say bad people I don’t mean people that are bad. I mean people that will abuse you (google the definition if you aren’t sure if someone is abusing you), or people you may get in a bad relationship with for whatever reasons, or people that are manipulative, mean, and more. I don’t mean to scare you but that’as the stark truth. High school is the beginning of that, and you will no doubt meet others afterwards too. But these struggles will make you stronger, and I also promise you you will meet a bunch of amazing people too. Great friends, mentors, teachers, rebbitzins, rebeim, and more and when you have amazing people like that, it doesn’t matter how many people hurt you or how many struggles you go through.

All in all high school is awesome because you meet amazing people, besides for discovering your own self and becoming a person. It also sucks cuz of the whole hormones thing, emotions, bad relationships, and bad people, situations, and other things you will no doubt bump into. Yes you will be depressed, hate yourself, hate school, and other things at times but tachless when you come out of all of it you will be much stronger. And you will have all the amazing memories from the good times.

Back to me- high school was really tough for me, tougher than most people. Like a diamond I was put through a lot of bad situations before I got polished and unlike the average teen, I was only really polished at the beginning of this year (12th)  I ran into a lot of people that weren’t good for me and did some stupid things. But I also made great friends who helped me through it, a mentor, I made this blog that also helped me get through things. 

And as someone recently told me, something we teens often forget: “Don’t stop dreaming!!” Yeah being a teenager can suck sometimes but that doesn’t mean your whole life will suck. You are going to find an amazing guy, get married, and have a good life. You can and should dream all you want because you have it in you to be an amazing person.

I’d love to get any questions or comments at hadassi98@gmail.com
❤ Hadassi



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