Overthinking it all

Hey all! After so many depressing posts you guys deserve something uplifting and awesome.
Check this out, I think this video is AMAZING! It’s gone Jewish viral-62,000 views in 6 days. I think that’s A LOT. This guy is so inspiring, the link to his blog is in my page “More Frum Sites/Blogs”

Plus I want to give a shout out to Sara Feiga, another teenage blogger like me. Go check out her blog! http://frummylife.weebly.com/

I have decided that every time I find another great blog or website I will put it on my “More Frum Sites/Blogs” page, and I will write at the bottom of posts if it has been updated.

Anyway I really want to thank Hashem because the day I was referring to in my last post went FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I LOVE HASHEM! 

I have been trying to write a post all week but I wasn’t sure what to write. Every day I open up this draft and think “What can I say?” So I think I know now what I’m going to write about. I’ve written in the past about how truly every nisayon we get in a battle within us and how the world technically revolves around each of us, and that’s a good thing. But sometimes it’s not. Sometimes we get too swept up in ourselves that we forget that although our purpose here is for us to grow, and for us to get closer to Hashem but there are another 8 billion people in this world.

As a teenage girl myself, I know I overthink. About what ____ meant when she said _____. About what to wear, where to go, what to say, what I did, and so on. This only derives from a good place, that we want to be good, fit in, and be caring and loving people. But somewhere the line can get blurred how much is thinking, and how much is overthinking. I still overthink, but less than I used to. Baruch Hashem I learned the past few years to curb my overthinking and analyzing that usually brought me to tears. This past week something happened that a few months ago probably would of made me sit and overthink and for like 3 hours. Only after 5 or 10 minutes I was able to calm myself down and deal with my overthinking. Here’s some of the things that helped me.

1. Explained to myself that it’s normal to think, but I’m thinking too much I can’t hear my heart, head or Hashem. I told myself I have to listen.

2. Once I remembered I should listen to the other things around me I was able to calm myself down and do some breathing while counting. (P.S. it REALLY helps!! Just count to 10 in your head and visualize every number for a few seconds. Don’t think about anything else except that number-see it in your head then move on t the next number all while breathing in and out slowly. It usually takes me 2-3 rounds of this to calm down. Because you focus ALL your attention on the number it helps you forget the senseless thoughts that were just making circles in your head)

3. I sat and spoke to Hashem about the situation. (How I feel emotionally and just let it all out)

4. I  spoke to myself logically about possible solutions and why I can’t do anything right now (in my situation) and that was okay. (I already got the emotional part out on Hashem) I also reminded myself I’m not in control of anyone else nor can read their minds or know exactly what they meant so until I got a chance to speak to ____ person there’s no point in analyzing.

5. Deep breathing again, then continue on with day. Or in my case, go to sleep peacefully without all the shtussim on my head.

– (In most situations) call a friend. I know you want to. I know you do. But talking when your in overthinking mode usually makes you feel worse. Try doing my technique or writing it out THEN call a friend if you must. Overthinking is something you must learn to deal with on your own, just like daily annoyances. In both cases it does help to call a friend, but it is usually destructive while you are in it.

-Blame yourself, play the “what if” game, or hate yourself. It’s not your fault. It really isn’t.


– Get physical, exercise. It helps you to think, gets your endorphins running, and makes you skinny!!

-Get busy. My neighbor told me she used to overthink a lot at this age. But now she doesn’t. It’s a few years past her teens and she is so busy she doesn’t have time to overthink, she just goes with the flow! So get out, do chesed, meet with friends, be in the moment!!

– Give up. Seriously. I did that in my scenario. I said to Hashem “I give up. It’s not in my hands, it’s in yours. So now I don’t have to think about it”. Stop trying to control the world.

-Put your self near other people, things, and ideas that encourage living in the moment. If the people around you are positive and just think about what they can do NOW for Hashem, so will you.

– Sleep or shower. By me everything is cleared after that :)\

I think the most overly thought though is “What is my purpose here?”
I can’t answer that. All I know is I don’t try to figure out my purpose, but instead live my life with purpose. How bout that?

What types of things do you guys overthink about and how do you help stop the cycles of thoughts? Comment down below!

Till next time
Hadassi Shachar



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