Ideas to Uplift your Purim

Hey everyone! I have a bit of time to write a quick post about…Purim (again) okay, this is more of a spiritual post rather than a monologue of my life (my last post about purim)

Purim is one the of the holiest days of they year that we quite often push aside as one of the more “funner” holidays. As most of you know there is a inyan to say the entire book of tehilim on Purim. I understand quite well if you cannot undertake such a hard task, so I want to give you some other idea to uplift your purim and make it more spiritual. This way if at least you can’t say the book of tehlim, you know that you used Purim as a spiritual holiday too. Hashem will love and respect whatever you can do to turn your holiday more spiritual. So without furthur ado, here are other things you can do to life up your purim.

– Daven. I know it’s hard. Daven whatever you can say, Hashem will respect even your morning brachos. If you faven just morning brachos try to say it with really good kavanah, hey maybe get out an interlinear siddur to (the ones with the English translation right under the Hebrew)

– Do chesed! Give a shaloch manos to someone you ussually wouldn’t. Go to an old age home or hospital for a hour or two to make sure the people there are having an awesome purim too! Maybe bring a sister, friend, or cousin along (even if your 5 years old sister drives you crazy, I’m sure she can help with the purim cheer!)

– Go collecting! I don’t know about you, but where I live there are big organizations that collect matanos levyonim from everyone and give it out to people on Purim day. With a town with tens of thousands of people they need a lot of volunteers in order that they collect all the money, organize, count it, package it, and get it off to the people who need it-ALL IN ONE DAY!! Thousands of dollars….it’s a big job funded by volunteers! I bezrat Hashem will be volunteering, and I’m sure wherever you live there will be an opportunity for you to help! Call up organization, offer yourself for an hour or two. Perhaps you know someone who needs collectors. Grab a friend, brother, sister, and go to it!

And last but not least I request from all my readers that this Purim you enjoy Purim with the unity of Hashem. Of course it’s fun getting candy and making nice mishloach manos, but keep in mind who it’s all for, and that in reality it’s not just for Him, but you are doing and living purim with Him.

Have a wonderful Purim!!
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