Some shout outs

Hey everyone! I wanted to give a shout out to this new program called Middos Challenges.
It’s this awesome program where every month you work on a different middah through different challenges and activities.

Email to subscribe.

Besides for that I was asked to give a big huge shout out to Regesh Network.
Regesh Network is hotline for teen boys, girls, parents of teens, and teachers of teens. The hotline is based in Lakewood but helps people worldwide. They refer them to places that can help them, give them tools to cope, and have therapist and rabanim answering the phones 24/7.  The number is: 732-367-7700.

My last shout out is to a wonderful company called TAG. If you are looking for a filter for your computer, phone, or gaming devices and you don’t want to be the keeper of the password TAG is where you need to go. They are awesome!

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