Why are people ask stupid questions? (A scientific rant and hypothesizes)

I am so annoyed right now.
So I will now show you a picture journal of my feelings 🙂

Why do people ask stupid questions?
For example:

Hypothesis 1- Hashem wants us to learn new things

Hypothesis 2: The same reason there are weird people in this world-to keep us entertained

Hypothesis 3: To keep us thinking and our brains quick and nimble

Here’s some perspective on the mater of dumb questions and people:

Basically every year our school goes to a special needs school for Adar to entertain them, give them gifts, and more. There’s skits, dancing, singing, food, and the whole shebang. This is, I don’t want to go.
Am I allowed to not want to go? Yes, I got permission immediately from the vice principal. IF anyone feels that it’s not something they can do/deal with than you can get permission to not go with no questions asked. Except, I was asked. Not by her, but by like literally half the school (since I know like the entire school) You would of thought at some point I would of just stopped mentioning it.

Hashem, why?! Anyway, cuz I’m such a sweet, friendly, amazing girl everyone seems to know me (like everywhere I go. It’s really annoying sometimes! Especially when I don’t remember anyone because I meet a bazillion new people like every day) So everyone I ran into is just like:

Random person:”Hadassi, you are so friendly, sweet, nice, not judgmental-I would of thought of all people you would put your heart into going”
Me: nod and smile and say “Oh well, not my type” and give a little forced laugh
Random Person: “Oh but you must go, I know you will love it!”
Me: “Uh you do?” Since when are you in charge of what I like and dislike?
Random Person: Of course! K, It’s hard the first time but trust me, you can go with me and I’ll walk you through the whole thing. After like 30 seconds it won’t be scary anymore!

You see what I have to put up with?! It was a personal reason. If not I’d totally be into it….

Yadda yadda, be more tolerant, yadda yadda, ignore them….
I know the drill.
But it is SOOO annoying! I remember when I was moving to Israel people would go up to my BFF and ask “Since your BFF is moving like a million miles away, won’t you miss her?”

No, she won’t. Of course she DID!

That is my conclusion
Post on random stuff, my life, and Purim coming to you tomorrow!

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