Point of no return (Dear sister)

This was just on my mind and I had to really get it out. I’ll explain more afterwards, just read for now 🙂

Dear my fellow Jew, my sister:

I’m not writing a letter telling you how much Hashem loves you, or how you should wait, or how you’re doing a big aveiros and why you shouldn’t be doing them-because I know I can’t change your mind. But maybe I can get you thinking, because only you can change your own mind.

Don’t you believe you have a purpose here greater than the enchantment of guys, drugs, wine, presents, and skin?

Don’t you think you are more than just a body? Don’t you think you are worth more than a “super pretty” compliment? I promise you the guy you are with doesn’t see you as anything more than today’s fun and someone else’s problem tomorrow.

Okay, I do not have experience but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I know it feels good, I know it feels okay at some point, and I know you are thinking that you can just delete it from your past one day but you CAN’T!!

Don’t you want to leave behind a legacy? A family? Don’t you want to do something meaningful here that will last forever?

Oh you think your actions don’t matter, but they affect us all.
And what you think is cool and hot is what I consider a fall
Haven’t you heard about the butterfly effect?
Your legacy will remain, G-d doesn’t forget
Now think for a moment realistically
your choices now pave your path in the future
don’t deny that fact to me

From a young age we learn cause, effect, consequences, pain, and regret
You want people to treat you as an adult? Than you need to take responsibility!
This life is yours, think your decisions through, you deserve better than to be deceived
but so much glitter around us!

Why is it cool to put your life on hold for a guy that I assure you-you barely know.
And I promise you the breakup with come in a year or two at the most.

You had to pick a guy. I see you, you 16 year old girl choosing the one-
who called most often, not caring you were frum
the one who was there whenever you needed

But dear sister of mine-16 year old girl high on hormones- tell me,

Did you have to pick an arab, in a country full of Jews?
Don’t you know the stories you hear, they aren’t made up.
Confused young girl, don’t say it’s rumors we made up to keep you away-don’t you hear of the stabbings and attacks? Why would they see you as any different as any other of their prey?

Perhaps you chat online, you say he doesn’t know the person behind the screen-but he can seduce you, don’t think its far from reality. And just in case he can’t-well that’s what hackers are for, eh? To break into your computer and find out your information they then can use freely.

Please do me a favor, please think! Please reach out! Please, there are so many other ways to get what you want, the love, the control, the guy, the….why choose the one which has no way back?!
You say it won’t get that bad or dangerous and I laugh-you know nothing. You think you are in control? You think if you say “no” they will just be like “Okay, that’s cool” and forget about you, leave you to find a Jew to marry and have a life with????? Where are you living?

Please all I ask is for you to take a deep breathe, clear your head, and seriously think.

With love and hope that you will be able to get out of this
– Hadassi

Basically there have been some confirmed rumors around my city and school that there are girls involved with Arab guys. All week this is just what is spinning on my head. I can’t sit here and leave these girls alone! I feel I have to say something. If ONE girl in an Arab relationship sees this and does something than it will have been worth it. I tried not to go to hard into stories, but reality is reality. I have heard many stories of Arabs hacking into computers and getting the girls address and kidnapping her. It’s reality.
If you don’t want to live in reality, well I don’t really have what to tell you.
That’s me and my blog. 🙂

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