The price you pay

Hey everyone! How are you getting through the long winter? It’s freezing, no? 
During the long cold winter we all seem to be frozen to our old habits. We get in habit of davening, doing mitzvos, and so on and along the way some of our feelings get numbed. We, at this time of the year can really see the results of various choices we made at the beginning of the year. We see what fell through, what we kept up, what we did do, what we didn’t…

I was thinking recently about all of this. I was getting frustrating that something I was trying so hard to do wasn’t wielding much results. This happens. Sometimes although we try and try we feel like we are breaking more and more. I heard a really nice mashul on shabbos about how when you plant a seed-it must break before it grows. In fact that’s part of the growing process. It sort of ties in with tu bishvat too. (For more about that see my Yehudis article on that)

Anyway, back to the topic I wanted to discuss one of the reasons perhaps you aren’t wielding results. That reason is perhaps because you just can’t. Doesn’t make sense yet? I’ll explain it. No one can do everything. Every day you wake up with 100 percent full energy (Well, that is if you sleep for the 9 hours a teen is supposed to sleep per night. But even if you don’t sleep 9 hours you are filled with the most possible energy you can have with that many hours of sleep you got).

Think of your energy like money. You have to budget and spend wisely lest you lose it all. If you put all of your money in one place and you forget where it that place was or that place disappears-so does all your money. Plus, if you spend all your money in one place, you have nothing to spend in other places. As much as we want to be good at singing, and be able to draw well, and get 100’s on every test, and be in charge of G.O., and this, and that-we can’t be all of them. If you do put your money or a lot of it in one place it will yield results. 

But are you putting your money in a few things or five million? If you are putting your money into a million different start ups you are lucky if even one works. Putting your money into too many places or the wrong ones will leave you frustrated,  tired, and cashless for more important things.

So where did you put your money till now?
The places you put your money at the beginning of the year, is it holding up? Was it a good idea? 

Now is the time to recalculate.

And no matter what you choose to put your energy into there will be a price. If you put your energy into _____you have less energy will be spend elsewhere. Prices don’t always come in just money or energy, they can come in friendships, middos, or truly anything in life.

So what’s the point if you have to pay a price wherever you go? If so than what’s the point in making a decision.

Well-when we make a decision we are backing up, looking real hard and close at the price tag and deciding what is more worth it considering:
-What it’s worth (How much you need and/or want it)
-What the price is

It’s just like comparing different items at the store. Don’t let anyone fool you-your energy is yours to spend and no one else’s.  Just make sure you are getting a run for your money.
Recently I think I have been complaining about too many things. I haven’t been showing enough appreciation to Hashem for all that I have. I have now realized it was immature and irresponsible to complain about what I have-since a lot of it is choices that I made, prices that I should of looked at clearer before I had to pay. 

I think my prices were worth it. What about yours? Think it’s too late to change…well you’re wrong.

When you can see the bigger picture, where the price came from and so on it’s much easier to accept and be at peace with the choices you made. This is something I discovered this week. When I realized that the thing I was complaining about was really a price and not just something G-d gave me not in my control to complain about it made me feel much better. I guess just knowing that I had a hand in the decision and remind myself what the alternatives decisions were and their prices made me feel better. Even tough things aren’t perfect they are what’s best for me and isn’t that what we all want? Who wants perfect and porcelain?

Happy Tu Bishvat!
Check out my article on Yehudis about Tu Bishvat! Please email me feedback, questions, and what topic you want me to write about it!
❤ Hadassi



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