Point of our choosing +2 poems

Hashem makes everything perfect, just for you.
There is a posuk that if we all took our lives, experiences, troubles, joys, fears, dreams, and essence, put them in a bottle, and threw them in the middle of the room and were told to choose any bottle we’d like to take back-we’d take back our own.


Our battles our rough. We fight. Day in and day out. It’s hard work, life is hard work. If you got it easy darling, that ain’t called a life. So ultimately why would we choose our own pekelach of stuff? Because it’s what’s familiar to us. Although your battle is rough, leaves you dirty and full of scars you know the best way to hold your sword and the best moves to fight your enemy. As much as you hate it it’s your destiny and you will choose it and it will choose you.

It may sound frustrating, but the catch is-it’s not. Why is it not frustrating? Because Hashem put you in the best life, situation, and place you could be in right now. Isn’t that something to relax and be happy about? He made everything perfect for you. Your hardships teach you new things and help you become a better person. 

Your hardships are centered around what Rav Dessler calls “Nekudas Habechira” our point of free choice. Albeit everyone’s point is in a different place-their struggles are equal. This is the point where your struggles are at. Our goal in life is to make this point higher-meaning our struggles should be different, on a higher spirituality level. Some people have their point if they should wear pants or a skirt the next morning while others is to wear the longer skirt or much longer skirt. Everyone has got their own point and everyone started in different places and has different strengths, experiences, and lives so it’s impossible to compare your point to anything except your own potential of what you look like at your best.

What is at your point besides for the struggles? What is this point of our choosing? What interesting things lie there?


Paradox, eternity, fire

That is what lies at my point.
A paradox of right and wrong, of struggles and wanting to give up. 
A eternity of choices and feelings.
And a fire

It. Will. Never. Stop.


A never ending warm embrace
Flickering up
Always trying to reach the highest height it can possibly reach
Never giving up
Withstanding the might of the cruel wind
that mocks it’s tiny existence.

It shall think it has succeeded
but fire is not easily defeated.
Rising up from the ashes with a constant rebirth
of more than a million chances.
Lighting up like a phoenix as it is resurrected from what
everyone thought was a sure death.
Rebuilding it’s tempo of furious climbing
to reach the highest height.
It. Will. Never. Stop.

Don’t you see the different types of colors of points in the picture?

Have a wonderful week and shabbos all!
KIT-I love your comments, letters, questions, and correspondences! Keep them up!
❤ Hadassi


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