Here’s a poem I wrote a few days ago off of my aliyah experience.

That’s what’s coming from their mouths.
I recognize a word, or perhaps a letter once in a blue moon
as I sit in the dark, and dream of the colors that only exist
from the place I came from

Where is home?
Is was there, it’s not here
I think it’s in my heart
I learn to understand the language
of people
not of speech
but of their essence

Who I am?
Am I not a product of where I came from?
I think I understand that I am much more
As a connect to these strange new surroundings
They no longer seem as strange as once before

I tell you, when you claim it will never get better
for I know it will. I have no past regrets, for I have learned so much here
and I know this was meant to be and I feel this is where I should be
but it’s okay to wonder about the place I came from

the place I once called home
before I knew what home was
the place I claimed that could only be for me
before I knew who ‘me’ was

Nonsense taught me more than I can ever explain
Nonsense was the beginning of my journey
Nonsense is what I love about this world

❤ Hadassi


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