“Whatever you need is right here” On senior year’s joke, what we need, and what G-d wants

Hello all! Hope your chanukah went well.
I first want to give a HUGE shout out to a new blogger who goes by Nafshi Beshe’elati. I was sent to her blog from a good friend of mine and I love it already. She is extremely insightful and easily relatable writing about similar ideas I put up. Please check it out here:

Okay-to the topic at hand.

I was thinking about how when we don’t need something in our lives Hashem takes it a way. We know that everyone in our lives is essentially a tool for us to get closer to Hashem, right? So if we don’t need a certain tool anymore Hashem takes it away.

Now it’s hard for us to understand why we don’t need something any more but Hashem is our daddy and he knows best. Sometimes it can be frustrating when something we think we need is taken away from us, but don’t you find it more frustrating when you are trying to use something that you can’t?

I was just thinking that it’s similar to a video game. I’m sure you have all played a video game one time or another, and I’m sure you know that situation when you are in middle of a level and are trying to get out of a room, or do something and must use different tools you have collected throughout the game. While you are in this last room you find more things you can use too, but still you are unable to get to your goal and know you are missing something. Sometimes there are things in the game that aren’t tools-but you see them and think well hey if it’s here than it’s prob. a tool, right? and then you unsuccessfully try to pick it up, push it, blast it, and try everything yo use it because you think if it’s here-it has a purpose.

Hashem doesn’t do that. When things or people serve no purpose to you anymore Hashem takes them away-essentially if you think about it making our lives easier and less frustrating.
We sometimes miss the forest for the trees though.

We really have to be grateful to Hashem that instead of worrying and trying to figure what tools to use-he has given us everything we need already. Phew what a load off of my shoulders!!! We may not always understand what Hashem just throws in front of us but that’s why he does it- so we learn to understand. Hashem is positive you can figure things out and deal with it! And if he believes so strongly in you than don’t you deserve to believe in yourself that much to?

There’s so many decisions for me right know about what to do next year. I’m in my senior year you know. I always thought senior year was going to be the best year of my life, the last year of partying with friends and stuff-what a cruel joke that turned out to be I thought to myself the past few months as my social life became 10 times messier than it was in 11th grade.  But you know, it wasn’t a cruel joke. Senior year bezrat Hashem will be amazing-but only if I open my head and heart to giving senior year a chance. If I open my mind to seeing that senior year can be amazing no matter what situation I’m thrown into because what situation I’m in is NOT in my control. What is in my control is what I do with it. I plan on making the best possible fun out of my circumstances whether I’ve lost half my best friends or not in the past month. That’s not in my control as I cannot control other people.

So what can I do?
– Make the best out of it and use it is a way to make this year davka evenBETTER than it would of been with those friends I lost.
– Be thankful for all I do have and appreciate every day
– And keep on trying day by day to be the best I can.

Does Hashem ever want anything more than that?

❤ Hadassi


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