Which side would you be on?

Hey everyone!
I want to wish all my wonderful readers a happy, wonderful, and amazing Chanukah!
I had the zchus of being able to hear many many good classes about Chanuka recently-so plenty to write about.

Did you ever think about the story of Chanukah. Did the Greeks really want to kill us?
No. They did not want to kill us. They wanted us to join them.

They wanted to secularize us. Many Jews did go along with them and their ideals. What were the Greeks ideals? Philosophy, science, worshiping the body, the music, entertainments, art. So many things we have that can be used to serve Hashem they wanted to turn the other way. And the were quite successful at getting plenty of Jews to join them.

Hey, if you were alive at the time-wouldn’t you have joined the Greeks too?
C’mon, always looking at our physical bodies, full of the gashmiyus of non Jewish music and movies.

So when you light the Chanukah candles-think about the people that did manage to go against the tide. Not only against their teivos but also against people who wanted them dead if they didn’t join their ranks. It’s pretty hard not to be in awe of the heroes of the Chanukah story now-is it? So think about them, and think about how you can get closer to being on that level.

Think about it when someone has the idea to watch the newest movie together with the family on Chanukah and don’t be scared to show your displeasure. Thousands of years later-have people changed at all? We still have the same struggles. But on the days and nights we are commemorating the people whom gave up so much, can’t we do a little. Just give up a little?
Not what they did. But can’t you try to give up a little?

Let out your inner flame.

Life brings us so many decisions. So many choices.
So many fights.
Bezrat Hashem we should be able to choose right and fight as hard as we can and win- always.
❤ Hadassi



  1. That’s always been the great irony of Channukah. It was in large part a cultural war between the militant Chareidim and the Reformers of the day, yet its today’s Reformers that throw all the big parties.

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