Korban To Hashem

Hey everyone!
I want to share with you all some of the events from my day today.
It’s all about a girl named Elisheva*.

During class today a paper was circulating with this written on it:

I want to tell everyone about what a special tzadekes we have in our class. She took her mini sd card from her mp3 with 1500 non-Jewish songs on it and smashed it.

Among some of the songs were Justin Beibers, Moshe Peretz, Eyal Golan (etc….)
(The above is translated from it’s original Hebrew)

Taped to this paper was a small bag with the remnants of the smashed card, and along the sides of the paper was written wishes of congratulations, hatzlacha, and amazement of girls in my class who had already gotten the paper.

I figured out myself that the girl was Elisheva, and I asked her if I could ask her a few questions for the readers of my blog, so they could get chizuk and encouragement to overcome such challenges. Elisheva readily agreed.

But first-here is a picture of the paper and broken sd card.

IMG_0479 IMG_0480

Hadassi: What brought/convinced you to to take such drastic measures and to something so strong and hard as this?

Elisheva: I was speaking an amazing friend a lot recently, and I decided to sacrifice something to Hashem that would give me strength to continue to grow.  I thought that if I wanted a good strong husband that is a ben torah I wouldn’t want him to listen to such music, so why should I? I also know that this music dirties our neshomos, therefore I wanted to do something drastic for myself. (Which hopefully will also affect my zivug’s neshoma too!)

Side note: It is written somewhere that your spiritual level affects your future husbands and vise versa. Even now, before you have met.

Hadassi:  Did anyone encourage you to do this? If so who?

Elisheva: My good friend that I mentioned earlier gave me a lot of strength.

Hadassi: How did you feel when you smashed the chip? Why didn’t you just delete the music? 

Elisheva: I smashed it since the chip had been used as a tool for tuma’ah-impurity. It felt amazing to finally smash that little electronic chip. My heart felt happy, and I felt this good feeling that I haven’t felt for a long time. I felt like Hashem was accepting my sacrifice, that I was looking at the heavens, and Hashem was smiling down upon me with happiness.

Hadassi: Is there anything else you would like to say? What last ideas would you like to imprint in my readers? What advice, chizuk, or idea can you give them? (Besides for what you have already done!)

Elisheva: Girls, you don’t have to do anything big like changing the world. Just making a personal sacrifice for Hashem is one of the most amazing things you can do to make a difference! Try it, it will give you an amazing feeling- like this is what he wants from you. It will feel so good to finally end all the battles! A sacrifice can strengthen you so much, it helps you strive and want to just be a better person! Anyone can do it, you just have to find the strength inside of you. I’m crossing my fingers for you girls! Hatzlacha!

*Elisheva is a pen name.

Thank you so much Elisheva for sharing this with my readers. I don’t think I have to add anything. I made a korban to Hashem a few months ago too, I began wearing my pretty orange curls in a pony tail, and 2 weeks ago made the decision to get a bob. When my hair grows out, I’m not going to wear it out again….ever,

I hope this has given you girls chizuk and inspiration!
Feel free to follow my blog and email me any questions, comments, requests, or ideas to hadassi98@gmail.com

❤ Hadassi




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