Smile and Daven

What is life?
What is this present we are given each day and being told we can make something of it?
Why are we given life?
How should we use it?

Life….the thing we are doing now, but have so many questions about. Isn’t it ironic? We all know life so well, and do it everyday but still- we have so many questions!!
Why is that?

Well, some thing are meant to be unanswered, if you know what I mean. 😉
Imagine we were just sent here with a letter detailing what our mission is down here- it would make things so boring, choices would be way easier, and there would be no point if we were all mindless- just following destiny without using our brain, talents, or learning anything.

The reason you wake up every morning is because G-d is telling you the world couldn’t survive today without you. He needed you to be here. Why? I don’t know.

We don’t the answers, but we can try our best to just be here and do the right thing. Sometimes it’s really hard.

Recently I was getting frustrated. Recently? Sorry- I meant the last 3 years of my life- I’ve been struggling with some inner feelings (I wish I could disclose here, but I can’t) and it has always been a daily struggle. My last hope was there was some sort of technique, idea, pill, or just something that could help me deal with my feelings. I never trusted people enough to ask them if they had a solution for me. I stuck to google, but still never found an answer. Eventually I did ask people, my own age and a few years older but with no success. I just tried to live to the best I can until I could figure out a better way.

Recently- meaning like last week- I finally felt okay enough to ask an adult. I waited eagerly to hear something, anything that could help me with my inner struggles.

But what answer did I get?
“Just deal with it, distract yourself, and try your best to live with it and do G-d will…oh, and pray”

That’s what I got. For all my hoping of 3 years, dreaming there was some magical cure that could help me deal with my inner feelings.
In reality, you fight your battles. There is no magical cure for life’s problems. They take a punch and you gotta deal with it without the time to learn to fight. It’s tough, but there’s no other way. There is no magical answer. There is no one who knows everything. There is no one who can control all your problems.

Sometimes all you have to do is smile and daven.
There’s always hope, if you have Hashem in your life.
So I don’t give up, but I know he wants me to make the most of my time here, and try my best without a magical cure.

That’s all G-d wants anyway.
Feel free to email me at if you have any questions, comments, or ideas.
❤ Hadassi



  1. Hadassi, I’m so sorry that happened to you… I am BH blessed with several supportive mentor figures that are many years older than me, and as such are equipped to help girls in our age and stage in life. Can it be that you reached out to the wrong person? Try talking to someone much older than you. It says in the Mishna that at the age of 60, the gates of wisdom are opened to a person. I really see the truth in this statement! As much as it feels more fun talking to a woman just ten or twenty years older than you, they haven’t been through enough of life to help you. Please seek out an older teacher!


    1. It’s so good to hear from you eclipse! Anyway, unfortunately I cannot be more specific, so it’s hard for you to understand. All the more so when you aren’t going through it. I spoke to a friend yesterday and she found the same thing. There are so many self help books, and millions of pages of information online- yet there’s nothing that can help me. Hashem doesn’t put us here with an instruction manual. And sometimes, questions don’t have answers- that’s life. As smart as elders may be, they may have seen it all, and have insight to give you, but I have insight- I know very clearly what is going on, but they don’t always have a solution. Sometimes the only solution is to deal with it. To learn your own ways of coping with it, because no one else can do that for you!! Life sin’t like a math problem. Some problems you have to sit and figure out for years- there’s no teacher to tell you the answer since no one else knows!!!!

      Anyway, I wish you a lot of hatzlacha. Perhaps me and my friend are different. The one who I spoke about this with. She said that she thinks we are both different from everyone else. I don’t want to be egotistical and claim that my problems differ so much from anyone else’s that there is no magical cure. But I think this idea goes for anyone. There’s no magical cure to help you overcome your anger, learn to ride a bike, or anything in life. Although in those things there are books and stuff, in the end, you have to put in action by yourself.


  2. Whatever it is that you go through, you are never alone. Life is hard sometimes, but we learn a lot about things along the way. May you have good guidance and happiness


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