When one of your BFF’s gets engaged

I guess I have mentioned this discreetly through a past few posts, but never really just told you guys. She has been engaged for 3 weeks already but it never seemed to come up. I mean, when I heard one of my best friend’s got engaged I pretty much wanted to scream it as loud as I can and tell the entire world. Well, I’m starting in the middle, let me start from the beginning.

I’m writing this blog about my life, and an average relate-able frum teenager’s life that other people can relate too. So an average person in our society will probably have at least one close friend/person in their life getting engaged in their teen years.

So, here’s what it’s like. First of all- don’t pretend you know how to react, cuz you don’t. I certainly didn’t. Ask my other friends. I was all moody and weird for a week or so because I just didn’t know what to make of this situation. But let’s start from when I got the call.

When she called me I went from denial into tears in a matter of seconds. I didn’t know where my tears were stemming from, happiness, scared of losing her, sadness because this is the end of a chapter, or all 3. I still want to scream it out, and want to mention that my friend __________ is a kallah to everyone I meet. (Not saying I don’t do that) but suddenly I will not want to think about it at all. She getting married, chapters, life, it’s all so confusing.

With a very long engagment, I have months until the wedding to wrap my mind around this. Right now I stick with, if it’s not contructive thinking-don’t think. So bascially if I’m not raving to someone about her, or with her in the moment, I don’t think about it. I know this probably isn’t the best idea, but too bad- I have time.

Meanwhile I’m trying to sift through everything from my feelings about all this, what she wants, what present to buy her, what to say, who I am without important people like her in my life, and also what to have for dinner. (Joking bout that last one 😉 But seriously-she tells me about clothing and chinuch books and I tell her about the seminary situation and why she has to stay single for a bit longer so we can do some more crazy things.

Plus life doesn’t stop. Sukkos is coming right after Yom Kippur, I’m a senior, what should I do with my life next year? And catching up on calling people to wish them a shanah tovah (I know rosh hashana ended already, but I just nedver got around to calling all the people in the USA. Mexico, Holland, Belgium, South Africa….pretty much anyone with a time different with is Israel.)

I am truly excited for my friend throughout all this and I know this is what she wants. That look she gets when she talks about her groom…..she looks so happy. I never want that look to leave her. She is amazing, and no matter what.
I’m going to dance like crazy at her wedding.

Because through all the craziness of having a good friend get engaged when your hormones are still trying to figure out when to interfere with your life and when to not…(wait-they are ALWAYS interfering with your life at this age. There is no not!!!) she is still your friend.

Although it is the reason she want to punch her in the face sometimes or throw her off a cliff…..
It’s the same reason you cried when you heard she got engaged, and will be one of the first to greet her out of the cheder yichud.

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❤ Hadassi


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