Greatness and Support (And a few announcements)

This song “Greatness” is stuck in my head and I just have to share it. It ties up a whole bunch of things I wanna say perfectly, so read through the idea, than listen to the song at the end! Here we go….

So recently I’ve been stuck in a huge rut…
Literally, GIGANTIC. Like I don’t want to go to school because I’m not in the mood of being nice to people.

♪ After a long day, I’m worn out and tired ♫

I’m sorry people, that’s reality. Some of you may wonder how I can share these deep feelings out there with the entire world? Well, some girls may have these feelings and think they are alone, and if I can give chizuk, share, help even one girl, if even one girl sees this and finally knows she’s normal for being in these crazy moods where she wants to stab someone-anyone, just get out the pressure from inside or cries herself to sleep at night than this post is worth it.

So ya, Like I’m so so so not in the mood of speaking to anyone cuz I have no energy in being a nice person…but I am a nice person usually, just like not right now.

Anyway, I wrote about belief once earlier this year. In that post I wrote a little about believing in others-but now I want to talk about believing in yourself.

Yes, we must believe in ourselves. This means to believe that we have the ability to do what we want and need to do.  G-d doesn’t gives us things when we don’t have the ability to do them.

♪ You give me another chance today ♫

Sometimes others don’t believe in us. It’s our job to believe in ourselves and fight against all odds to show the world that we CAN. That we will fight.

Sometimes we don’t want to believe in ourselves, since once we do we have the responsibility of trying to do the things we believe we can do. Like I believe I am the will power to be happy right now. Do I want to be happy? Yes. But it’s easier to be sad, it’s easier to not believe, not to hope, not to dream, to stay in isolation.

And that my friend-is the yetzer hara speaking. And we must counteract that. We MUST believe. We must connect with reality, feel, and try live.

♪  I wake up with determination  ♫

But we can’t believe alone. That’s why Hashem put people in our lives. People who can support you. Whether it’s a mentor, friend(s), family, teacher(s), or other people-as humans we need people to support us. To remind us that we are not alone (even though we never are with G-d around)

Even if the people around you don’t think you are great, G-d does. And if you don’t have people that support you, and love you the way you are…you gotta go find some people.

But remember-no matter what, G-d thinks you are great. And I do too.

♫ You give me another chance today
Though I failed
Your faith in me makes me believe
Every day comes and I still haven’t changed
But You never give up on me

You give me another chance cuz I haven’t failed
I’m slowly working towards eternity
If G-d thinks I can, I’d be blind not to see
Yes there’s room for greatness in me
Oh there’s still room for greatness in me ♪

The full song is NOT online, I’m sorry. Here are 30 seconds of it:

Everyone needs support. If you don’t have support-go and FIND support for whatever situation you are in. Go to a phonebook, find a hotline.

Currently the only online support please I know is which deals with (internet) addictions.

You can now also follow my blog on facebook, twitter, and googleplus. Just search frumgirlmusings and you’ll find it!!! To be in touch with me email:

Anyone is welcome to ask me any questions about anything they want!
Be in touch!
❤ Hadassi

P.S. A shout out for Nechama Cohen for inspiring me majorly on this post (For…you know, making the song greatness)


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