Freeing Yourself/Future Rant

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I’d love to hear from any of you guys! Anyway, here’s we go!

I’m scared. I must admit it’s scary thinking about the future. It’s scary not knowing what will happen. I don’t like it. Sometimes we stick to things we already know, we cope in ways that aren’t davka toradik, good, or healthy. Why?

Well, when someone finds out something that works for them, and gives them a good feeling, they do it again. It’s hard to change they say, but no one really adresses the scary part about it. You are going into the unknown, whether its dressing a different way, acting a different way, coping in different ways (bad and good things)-you don’t know how the world will react. (For worse or for better) It’s so much easier not to change. I mean if suddenly you are more tzniyus, or nicer, or you tell the truth, go out and say something that needs to be said, in all these situations- you don’t know how people will react.

You don’t know the consequenses till you TRY.  I know it’s hard. It’s easier to keep quiet, dress the same way you have been doing, not go out of your way cuz that is what is familiar, that is what you have done all your life and your brain can pretty much determine the world’s response to it.

I know someone who spoke about her friend to her friend’s mother-she did it for her friend who was doing inappropriate things. She came out. She had courage. She did what she did, although it was going into the dark unknown. The ramifications of her choice were drastic. She was ostracized by her class completely. But she did it. And that is what I look up to.

When we can free ourselves-from other’s- we can change. Free ourselves from our own fear, other’s opinion’s and anything else. That is when we can truly serve G-d.

Don’t tell me the boundaries of Judaism restrain us into a certain way to serve G-d. The boundaries of being Jewish FREE us.

There is a mashal- a parable about a violin. When the string of a violin is let’s say on a table. You can hold it from one side and move it however you wish. But when it is confined to the violin- then and only then is it able to sing. Only then is it able to be free and make music. We are that violin. We can free ourselves.

Don’t keep quiet. Don’t be afraid. Be free. Live. Be in the moment. Laugh. Grow. It’s okay to be nervous about the future and want to change the past-but you are HERE now. At least you aren’t where you were before. NOW YOU ARE HERE.

Be free.

❤ Hadassi


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