Lo Amus Ki Echyeh

Isn’t Hallel beautiful? There is such a special feeling about it, I can’t explain it. Haven you ever listened closely to the words? It may feel as if they are talking to you.  I love Rosh Chodesh. Well, maybe except the part of having to now only wear blue sweaters over our white blouses versus the any color sweater rule that has been known for years. But that’s okay, I’m making a protest! My personal revolt against the rule is wearing the regular uniform. I shall not wear a white blouse on Rosh Chodesh without a colorful sweater. I shall have this protest until I graduate. Long live colorful sweaters!!! I may be crazy, yet I may not be 😉 Perhaps I just have waited like all my life to wear something pretty to school? Seriously speaking though, I technically could dress it up, by wearing colorful scarves, jewelry, and what not else to cover the blank whiteness that sits upon me for some odd reason devoid of any color.I may be a litttle hyper now, but that’s okay! 😉 So, back to Hallel, I fell in love with the posuk “Lo amus ki echye vasaper maasei ka” – “I won’t die, for I will LIVE! And I will retell G-d’s acts”

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, many times I feel like I will die, but then I get up. So I lived the sentence about making a strong statement to live for Hashem, then retelling people the stories of Hashem’s greatness and recognizing them for yourself:

cuz lo amus ki echye
vasaper maasei ka
I will live
I will grow
You can’t stop me
I will build
I will sow

I will go go go go go
Cuz I feel my heart thumping
Now the adreline is jumping
hashem is pumping through my blood
it’s saying:go, go go go go go go
ya ya
gotta go go go go go go go
you’ll fall, get up and
go go go go go go go
keep ur head up
go go go go go go go gocuz lo amus ki echye

Loving all the feedback! B”H in a better mood. Please all have my dad in mind at refa’ainu!
❤ Hadassi



  1. Hi,
    I’m.sorry to hear about your dad.😳 we have a Cholim list in our classroom so if you can give his full name I can put him on our Cholim list.
    All the best,
    Goldie David


  2. Hi Haddasi,
    I hope your father has a refua shelaima. In our school we have a list of everyone who needs a refua shelaima so if I get your father’s name my school will daven for him. Also, I really liked this post-the pasuk really spoke to me Thanks for another awesome post!


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