What is happy.
Happy is isn’t a shortcut.
You can’t get it from a freind
You can’t buy it either-So what does it mean to be happy?
Being you.
Accepting who you are
faults and all
being able to build on them
and move forward
Despite all that holds you back-Happy is being able to use your obstacles
as a step
to get higher
you need to climb to do so
you need to work
there are no shortcuts-In Happy
You gotta work
That’s life.
Deal with it
You gotta decide
You won’t let feelings hold you back
from losing precious time to grow-Into being a Happier person.
A person who accepts her/his lot
Who is happy
When he/she wants to give in
Give in into being moody-

And not happy.
It feels good at first,
but it kills in the long run.
You run after answers and people
but it all turns into dust
Because to be happy
There is no shortcut



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