Fighting Ourselves

I remember mentioning in quite a few places that I would write a post on this idea.
Here I mentioned it.

Anyway, the idea is that in life we are constantly, and only actually fighting ourselves.
No one else really exists, they are people that co-exist with us in this physical world, but in our head it’s only us.

Don’t get it? I’ll give you an example.
When you decide which skirt to wear. It is you against yourself. (Sorry to sound like your literature/english teacher, but those themes you learned in 6th grade are great tools for figuring out problems in life and where they come from man vs self/nature/group….that whole thing)

That was simple to understand, but what happens when we get to…I don’t know. Let’s say you and Kira are fighting. You know she did something wrong, and she doesn’t want to admit it. You told her you saw what she did and she claims she didn’t do it.

Now, where is the part about fighting yourself? It’s only Kira that you are fighting, right? Wrong.

You are fighting yourself, and whether or not you are strong enough to judge Kira favorably.
And yourself also on if you will go back on your word and “lose honor” in the eyes of Kira.
And if you should drop it or not.

You are debating and fighting against who? Yourself in your head!!! In the end, you begin to realize, Kira is only like 1/64 of your problem, the rest is you fighting against yourself, influenced by the physical world promting you on.

Great, so now I know this. What does that gain for me in life?
Knwoledge is power. Once you can find the real problem and see what things you are really fighting, the answer is easy. Easy to know and hard to do, but ussua;lly the right thing is right before your eyes. Once you see it’s all about you and you getting closer to G-d and doing G-d’s will. Who cares what Kira thinks? (You do care, you are human. But you also know deep down that Hashem is more important. And sometimes doing the right thing and the thing that is best for us is not what we want. Sometimes friendships needs to end, no matter how painful, like here)

When you have a problem, nisayon, issue. Sit down with a paper and pen, look for the underlying issue. See what part of you you are fighting.

Then you will know what to do, and how to win. Even if it’s not the easy thing to do.

Be in touch
❤ Hadassi


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