I am a very _________ girl

Hey everyone! I finally finished my last test last week! B”H I have no idea how in the world I survived, some of you try doing you tests in hebrew!!! But Now I am done! FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iI don’t have really what to share, but I bet you all want something interesting, so I guess I will write about a class we had today and the exersize our teacher did with us. Try doing it at home and see what you get.

K? Here we go!
Your job is to follow instructions and complete the sentences:

FAST!!! No more then 30 seconds of thinking per question!

I am a very __________ girl. (bad, good, chutzpadik, happy, nice, upbeat, friendly, caring, smart, talented, mean, trying, struggling, cute, fun, sad, awful…take your pick, or think of your own! As many adjectives as you want.

Now think of a situation, something, crisis, anything really that happened to you. It could be getting sent to the principal office, or a new sibling, any age. Going back to when it happened, if someone would of asked you then

I am a very __________ girl. What would be your answer?

Specific, think of something that happened that REALLY affected your life. Something that happened 2 or 3 years ago, (for me that’s 10th and 9th grade).

Again, if someone asked you then

I am a very ____________ girl. What would be your answer?

Okay, now something that changed your life, you know what to do. Any age, just something really BIG! (Making aliyah, getting kicked outa school, a sibling going off the derech, moving…)

You know what to do!

I am a very _______________ girl.

Okay, now we are done.
Did you get the same answers, or different? Or were some the same and some not? Or twice or thrice it was but not very correct on all? Look at the answers very carefully.

The messer is that in different situations we act differently. But you can’t judge yourself on that. Don’t look at yourself through a microscope of one thing, idea, feeling, adjective. A person has 6 parts to himself. Guf, Nefesh, Ruach, Neshomah, Yechida, Chaya.
Body, Soul, Wind, Neshomah, Animal, and Yechida (which is something no one can see I believe…not sure what it is)

Don’t look at youself through the lens of one thing! As our teacher said, when we get report cards, maybe you will get a 6 or 7 in something. But that doesn’t mean you are a 6 or 7, you are 10 in a lot of things!

You just have to find out what!!!!
❤ Hadassi



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