Study and Chizuk tips

Hey ya’ll! I’m on the run here, I did six tests last week, and have plenty more this week!
I am super busy and my writing is suffering! In case you didn’t know, I also write for the Mishpacha from time to time, I am also writing a serial story. I write 4 or 5 pages a week, B”H I have around 70 pages already! Plus I journal, write poetry and songs whenever inspiration hits me, ussually at least once or twice a week and write sometimes for other sites such as seminaryandbeyond, yaldah, theyeshivaworld, frumteens (Well, before some of those closed down)

So, I wanted a quick share of some of my favorite sites. If I am busy, why should you guyz be bored?

1. Divrei chizuk.
No words nessesary, if you are up or down or neither, this is the best site EVER!!!
All the good stuff is on the sidebar.

2.  Frumteens
Ya, I know frumteens was a very shady site, and a lot of people say it wasn’t safe, I don’t know what. Doesn’t matter, it was before my time. I only had the chance to post once, asking if anyone had information on a song before it was shut down.
Hey, maybe the mods there were shady, but the teenage frum poetry there is AMZAING! It will make you cry, laugh, anything….that is something worth checking out!

3. Studying tips.
Hey, random place to check, but wiki how will tell you JUST how to study!!!
Try it! It has good tips!

Be in touch!
❤ Hadassi



  1. Hey everyone is going through The Same Thing.
    But sometimes u just need to chill and say: do i really need to waste three weeks of my time for marks that I’ll forget anyway???
    Idk i just Review someone s notes once and enjoy the rest of my day!!!!

    Btw i think it’s awesome of u that u put your talent of writing into practice. I dont read any of the magazines listed but I’m sure all your stories r great!!!!


    1. Thanks Baily! I am so glad you liked it!
      It’s very true, you have to really weigh how important it is and how it will really affect your future life.


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