I know I haven’t written much, but truthfully, lately I feel awful.
I dunno, it’s part of being a teen I suppose. But it’s terribly annoying!
I sent in a few articles to some magazines and they got rejected, also finals and everything are driving me mad. I feel like I have way to much. Minus the schoolwork I mean. Like I want to grow in SO many things, tefillah, my middos, maturity, friendship, responsibility, halachot, learning, watching what I eat, excersizing,…
It’s too much!! I feel overwhelmed!
I feel I can’t do it all, I know if Hashem gave this package to me, I can learn to deal.
But I get so discouraged when I feel everyone else is ahead of me.
I have one friend who NEVER screams, Like EVER. Even at her sibs, and another who is amazing in Tzniyus.
I dunno, I feel I’m not like amazing in anything, like these people worked on themselves for ages to reach where they are now. At least they have reached an amazing work in one area, I feel I haven’t anywhere.
It’s not a good feeling.
I started this post, not really sure where it was going to go, just start writing whatever pops into my brain

But now I know where it is going. Today, I am going to address this feeling.
So many times in life we feel we aren’t good enough. Maybe we hear it from the world around us, people in our lives telling us. Maybe we think we feel it from our surroundings. Like when you are having a bad day, and you trip coming up the stairs to your house, and you just feel the world around is laughing at you, that you can’t do anything. Maybe inside you re telling yourself it.

But you need to remember, G-d made you unique. You have a different path and a different pace. You can’t be where ______ is cuz you aren’t ________!!


I know it’s hard to remember, but tell yourself over and over:
I am going at my own pace…
I am going at my own.

I am going at my own pace
to my very own unique place.
No one can tell me where I need to go

I am going the way I should
You can’t see from me, don’t tell me what I could
-do, cuz I am going the fastest I know of.

My path is my own
My niche I will find
In the world that surrounds me
Is not real, just a passing dream.

And like all dreamers
Each dream differs
You can’t hear what I hear.
And you can’t see what I see

We are only dreamers

❤ Hadassi



  1. My father said a really good thing over shabbos
    a Rav sent his 5 students to find the right path to live by.
    the question is: isn’t that obvious? the Torah! duh! The TosFos YomTov says-it means that you need to find the one thing you can do and u need to be perfect at it. an through that, you will get better at everything else, it will branch out into other areas of your life.
    and the 5 talmidim all brought back different traits; good neighborhood, good eye-Ayin Tova,good mind and something else. you can find it towards the begining of pirkei Avos
    hoped this helped!


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