Don’t let your flame die

I always like Chanukah.
Being a kid, I got a present every single night. But now were older, and Chanukah is meant to be a lot more than just presents.
It’s about how a small light lit up the darkness, about miracles, about how anything can happen.
This year Chanukah has pretty much sucked. I mean, we have 3 tests the week coming back and two gigantic papers due then too. So although it’s a vacation, it’s really just a vacation from the school building, not from the work.

Also I don’t have any family except for my intermediate family, and my friends are busy all Chanukah.

Last night I was really depressed, I was in my room, there was nothing to do. I had been writing up a report all that day and had barely made a dent in the amount of work I need to do. Then someone I’m close to called me and told me some good news. Her sister had gotten engaged.
Suddenly my life lit up, like that flame we light on Chanukah.
I don’t know her sister, even her name. I don’t know the lucky boy. I’m probbly not even going to be at the wedding too. But just the thought, the realization that the whole world isn’t black made me so happy.

It was like G-d was telling me,

You see, there is good! 
Actually, everything I’m doing is good, and there are people that are happy now, so don’t be down. Don’t frown. Get up, because now it’s your time to be happy.I told that to the person who called me
She was so happy that I shared in her simcha!

​That is the real happiniess. The Simcha.
Don’t let ANYONE extinguish that flame inside of you, EVER.
Whether you had a bad day, or someone insulted you, don’t let them control your day. You can choose to keep that flame going.Have a happy Chanukah!!!!​
Be in touch!
❤ Hadassi

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