What is Belief?

What is belief?
Why do we need it?

Last year I went through a really messed up year, crazy actually. I found myself, G-d, and figured out what belief was. Before last year, I hadn’t known what belief was. I wandered around trying to figure out how to believe and trust in people. I asked a lot of questions and had a lot of DMC’s (Or as israeli’s say, sachnash- sichat nefesh- conversation of soul) with many people. I looked around, hoping that the answer wasn’t what I thought it was.

But it was.

I had figured out the answer on my own, but I was running away from the truth, I didn’t want to think that the only way to trust and believe was so hard, I wanted an easy way out. But in life there are no easy way outs. In our generation everyone wants things now. Now one wants to work on themselves and take time. No one has patience.

In life, we usually know the answers, and if you don’t you either aren’t looking hard enough within, or are running away from yourself.

But who are you trying to fool? In the end of this life, you’ll see, that it’s really only you and G-d, and everyone else was put here for you to get closer to him. And in the end of my life it’s only me and G-d. Everyone is in their own world, and head. But our bodies all live together, it’s amazing how G-d orchestrates this all to work out so well! (This will be next post, how no one really exists and you are constantly really only fighting yourself)

I was told the answer was to just go and believe, there’s no other way. No magic pill or beans, and wand. You just need to have a lot of courage and jump out in the world again. I did it. It was painful, hard, confusing…many things.
But I did it.
I found myself and G-d, forced myself to starts believing with that.
And now look, me and G-d are like BFF’s…
Sorry, me schedule been whacked, we had shabbaton and tonz of other stuff, and school is hard….
Be it touch!
❤ Hadassi



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