Poem- Hashem is testing me/Working on myself.

Crazy week.
And guess what, it’s only Tuesday! Hard to believe, no?
I told you guys I would be putting up a poem and ever since I keep saying to myself ‘Gee, what will I write about?’ B”H this week I had a lot of Siyata Dishmaya, also a lot of frustration and crying and wishing to run away instead of facing my problems.
So, here’s a poem I wrote, maybe you can see from it the Siyata Dishmaya I had this week, plus Hashem even helped me by putting all my feelings into poetry without thinking so now I have what to write about! So here I go!

I told Hashem this month, I wanted to work on something new!
Starting from Rosh Chodesh, every opportunity, I’ll know just what to do!
I thought maybe at the end of the month, G-d would give me my biggest test.
Then I would know I succeeded and get a little rest.
In school you get  test only after you study and try
But in life G-d hands you something and from there you learn how to fly.
It’s day 2 of this month, and my regent (biggest test) is already here,
At first it was blurry, but now it’s crystal clear.
In the beginning I was angry and quite upset to say the least,
I was frustrated, wanted to scream and go ahead and cheat.
But after the flames of feeling has died down.
I took a look at myself, after looking around.
I though and thought, and I asked myself what Hashem wants from me now
I found the answers within, I know what I need to do and how!
Hashem I still need the answers to write down on the page,
I still need you help, please stay with me and let me continue in your ways!

What do you want me to write about next???
❤ Hadassi

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