Do you really WANT?

It’s all about how much you want something….
We’ve already had 2 or 3 classes with this idea in it.
Yesterday, our teacher talked about wanting spriritual things. Like being close to G-d, or davening really well….
She said that we don’t want it.
“WHAT?!? Of course I want something!” says a girl in the back, let’s call her Rivi
“Like what?” Asked the teacher
“Well, I really want to daven well…but I just CAN’T concentrate!!!! I just won’t feel a connection or I don’t know what, but I try!!!” -Rivi
“You try?” – Teacher
“Yes!!!” – Rivi
“How do you know? Give an example of something you want in physical, gashmiyus, for this world” – Teacher
“Okay, like last week, I needed to find  navy silk skirt”
“Okay class, last week Rivi needed to find this skirt, so she goes to the local shopping centers, the local mall, looks in stores, in newspapers, goes the Central Bus Station, malcha, Yaffo street, Beitar, The mall in Moddin, Geula, all to find this one skirt…..hours spent on this. Tell me, did you spend this much energy and time for your davening?”
Class is silent
“Did you sit down, write your strengths and weaknesses and read books, ask friends, ask teachers, listen to shuirs, think about it all day….?”
Rivi has to admit, that no, she didn’t.

My friend’s Tzniyus twacher had the same idea. No one wears duty length skirts, why? Because we don’t want to.
We need to work on our Ratzon, our desire.
For once you DESIRE to do a Mitzvah, you love Hasheo much that you WANT, truly with your whole soul to do it. You will. At that point you won’t care what they think….
The question is, Do you really want????

One more story, a girl comes every day to school, with a certain sweater. She’s been told off quite a few times that this sweater does not follow school guidelines, but she wears it.
One day a random teacher sees this girl cry. She asked the girl what happened and it turns out she was told off again.
“So why don’t you stop? I don’t get it” asked the teacher.
You see, the girl in this story wasn’t particulary skinny, I wouldn’t say fat, but not skinny.
This sweater looked good on her and made her look and feel skinny, she was complimented on it….
So no matter how many time you tell her off she will continue, cuz what does she want more?
To feel good and skinny?
Or for the school to tell her off once in a while??
Or the matter of it being Tzniyus…..

We all need to work on your Ratzon.
Cuz if you want to get somewhere, you CAN.
See THIS old post for more ways on how to get where you want to go,
I hope this answers part of your question and helps you on your journey with Hashem (or whoever you were writing for) T. Pink.
I will get to more soon, B”H.
❤ Hadassi



  1. So true and well said!!!
    Thanx so much for posting!!!
    Do you have any ideas on how we could strengthen our ratzon to come closer to Hashem?


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