What is strong?

What is strong?
I asked my friend this the other day.
She told me she was trying to be strong, even though she is going through a rough time.
But what does strong mean?
Does it mean going through the motions, showing everyone that you are okay? But are you okay?
Probably not. Is that strong?
Or maybe it’s not not letting it affect you….no.
That is ignoring it, pushing it away, and it will just come back another time, it is still there.
Is that being strong?
When in all the newspapers it said, it said that the mothers and fathers of the three boys were being strong, what did that mean?
When everyone tells you to be strong, stay brave. What does that mean?
How can we do something, when we don’t know what we are doing?
Many people look strong inside, are they? Maybe they also wonder what strong means???

Strong- of great moral power, firmness, or courage

What does that mean??? We understand the words, but what is the essence of it?
Every day, I pray that G-d help me stay strong, help me have strength to go on despite everything that makes we want to cry every morning and go back into bed.

Strong when  I wake up in the morning and think ‘Oh, G-d, what in the WORLD do I want to do with my life? Who do I want to be???’

Strong, when people tell to be strong, have courage, and remind me that one day, things will be better.

Strong, when I have the urge to just run far away and never look back and not care that it would be such a cowardly thing to do, and pointless, one cannot run from reality, they just end up looking stupid.

Strong in the little thing, when I go to school, and I wish I could cry out to G-d to save me from the hands of my pursuers, but I can’t. Instead I am strong, I sit and talk about which stores have the cutest clothes, and why _______ brand of makeup is a rip-off. When I want to scream at these girls, THIS IS YOUR LIFE?????? We are 16, 17, 18, and 19.

I know I can’t expect to have a group conversation during every recess on the point of life, but sometimes…I feel many girls don’t have anything better going around in their heads…
I believe strong is S.F.U.A
Than understanding.
and Accepting.
That is what strong is.

We must face reality, let us feel it and embrace our pain and negative feeling, understand them, and accept them so that we can deal with them.
What do you think?
Be in touch!
❤ Hadassi



  1. you love feedback Hadassi, so could you write on how to know if you are close to G-d? like, if someone never experienced it, they have nothing to learn from… get what i mean?
    thank you!


    1. I get you…
      B”H, I am very busy with school but I hope to do a post a week, so B”H next week I will.
      Thank you for explaining yourself!!!
      Some people request stuff but don’t explain exactly what, they say write about boys…well what should I write about them???
      And if you don’t leave me a real email, I can’t get back to you…
      This is why you need to put in a real email.
      Thanks for the feedback!!!


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