Your Daily Secret

Hey, everyone!!!
Forgiveness, will be the topic of my next post B”H, Anyone who has any thoughts to share on that, feel free to e-mail me, and it will go up as part of the post. Only your name will be printed, annd you may give a pne name or choose to be anonymous.
Anyway, since it’s Elul, we not only need to forgive others, but we need to say sorry to Hashem, and get closer to him.
Maybe some of you guyz noticed during the summer, you weren’t so connected, Now that school is here, along with speeches, and trips to the kosel in the morning (Have you ever heard the Shofar at the kosel….it’s enchanting….maybe you can’t see it live, but below will be a video of it, it’s not nearly the same as the real thing though) and you want to do Teshuvah.
Teshuvah, forgiveness, love, fear….they are all something that is connected to something else.
For you need to feel that way about something/someone else, you can’t feel it on nothing.
Also you must have a connection with the thing/person you are feeling this about. You need to know something about it to feel something.
So let’s work on our connection with Hashem.
Sometimes. to really connect with a intelligent creature, (Hashem in this case) you must have had experiences with it….
You connect with your friends cuz you were there that time you ditched a speech last Elul for ice coffee, or the time you were all scared to death when you ditched class together and thought you heard the principal, turns out it was the janitor, and you all stopped hugging each other and starting laughing so hard the principal came in the end….
They are your experiences, you can’t recreate it with someone else, nor when you tell over the story will you give it justice….afterwords, when it circulates, you’ll feel it’s not just yours and your friends anymore….
Things feel more special when only a limited amount of people know, things are EXTRA special when no one knows.
Which bring us to the title.
Your daily secret with Hashem.
Try and do something, one thing, every day, a chesed, a mitzvah, like returning siddurs after davening, picking up a wrapper from the floor, smiling at someone you don’t know who looks unhappy, holding the door for someone…the list is endless!!!
This one thing will stay between you and Hashem, only, don’t even tell your mother, or best friend.
Then you will see this as part of your relationship and experiences with Hashem….it will make you feel good.
Trust me 😉
Every day when you daven, iamgine you are talking to a person, vent, tell him your frustrations, hopes, dreams, fears, wishes, requests, about your day, who you want to feel better, how you wish he’d take away your teivah for something bad, or put in ratzon to do something good….|
Good Luck!
Be in touch!!!
❤ Hadassi

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