We are all in the shower

Hi everyone!! How is school? How was Shabbos???
B”H I had a wonderful shabbos…I was talking with a friend the other day and venting our frustration about how we wish Hashem just had a phone number.
You know, so we can ask him what in the world we are supposed to do with this life of ours….
It gets so frustrating in life when we don’t know what to do, or where or how….
And many times I sit on my bed and wonder how often I’d text Hashem if he had a phone number, or send him letters if he had an address…

It feels like I’m calling to someone from the shower, I hear myself calling, talking, but the person outside the bathroom (usually trying to tell me I have a phone call…like I’m gonna get out for some person that I can call back in 5 minutes) can’t speak, like they can, but through the water rushing down my back (all the things in this world, the elcetronics, gashmiyus) we just can’t hear!!!

But we have to remember that a shower is not life, it’s a part of it, and we will get out one day and be able to hear and see the person behind the door, the one that is calling, sending us notes, banging on the door…..screaming in frustration that his beloved children don’t know what they are doing and making mistakes (like mixing up the shampoo and conditioner)
Not a bad mashul…I just came up with on the spot….
SO, we can talk, and he’ll listen.
We can ask for knowledge and guidance on where to go.
Understanding on how and what to do.
We can ask him to help us get closer to him, to help us do teshuvah, to help us do his will.
N ow is the time of Elul. The time of asking forgiveness from Hashem…who always forgives…

But not all people are so easy….
I know I have many people to ask forgiveness, but that is the easy part…
I have many people I need to figure out how to forgive…with a full heart…?
People, people like the ones HERE  People that have done things wrong, that may ask for forgiveness, and may not even be decent enough to do so, people who don’t even want to speak to you, who won’t pick up the phone, people you can’t talk to, or see, and they will never know you even forgave them….
That is the hardest…

How do you forgive???
What is forgiving???
I hope to explore these concepts in my next post, if you have anything to add, feel free to CONTACT ME. I love getting feedback!!!!
❤ Hadassi



    1. Thank you, I actually just made it up on the spot.
      Most of posts I just write whatever comes to mind…I stare at the blank screen and words appear…so ya.


  1. Wow! This is beautiful and so smart! Thanx so much for sharing!
    Could I just add that even though being in the shower limits your hearing, you’re in there for a reason… (:
    thanx again


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