“Everything is in control, just not yours!” On Aaron Sofer z”l, money, and what you want

When I heard about Aaron Sofer z”l death, I almost cried.
Well, I couldn’t really cry…see, I was shopping in the middle of a crowded street. And I was looking for money…alot of money, that had fallen out of my purse…
Me and my friends searched all over, but on such a busy, main shopping area, and no identification on it, and arabs, and creeps (frequently visit this shopping area) kit was probably gone.

I did my part, said tehilim, told Hashem I’d give 40 dollars to tzedaka if I find it…but, we left empty-handed.

Later, on my way back home I though. There is so much hate, anti-semitism….people being killed, kidnapped….or I don’t know what…

I’d rather something happen to money, than to me. Money is money, and it was a lot, but I’m sure it’s what Hashem wanted, and maybe it was instead of something else happening….
I mean the street I was on, is known for it’s cheap stores, but also for the creeps, weirdos, and arabs that are found there, no frum girl would be there alone past 6 or 7pm. It’s a known thing. It’s scary….I know people that were there, even with friends and sisters, and they got stalked, and grabbed by creepy people….

A lot of times in life, we want things, we would have wanted Aaron Sofer z”l to have lived longer, my money to be found, for all those girls who don’t have a school next year to get into school.
But sometimes what we want, isn’t part of the plan, Hashem’s plan.
It might feel everything is out of control….

“Everything is  in control, just not yours” – Anonymous.

I like that sentience, it’s pretty funny, :[) and true.
And from time to time, I remember that, when I’m upset things don’t go my way.
The answer no could be sent through any messenger, friend, parent, teacher…but remember they are just a  messenger…
From Hashem..
B”H my father is okay now!!! He’s home for Shabbos!!!

Here are 2 videos related to last post,, a friend sent to me…

Have a good Shabbos!!!
i LOVE when I get feedback!!!! Use the contact form below, or comment!!! 😉
❤ Hadassi


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