Davening tips

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In my last post, I talked about davening.
Here are 5 tips to keep up that connection in the summer:
1) Tehilim
Feel like you just CAN’T concentrate? On any mitzvos or Hashem? Try saying one kapital of tehilim a day. Some days it may inspire you to try to grow, even though on others it will be hard just to take the sefer off the shelf.
2) What you can
Focus on what you can.
Wake up and ask yourself, “how long could I have kavanah today?”
If it’s brochos, shenemar, ashrei, yishtabach, shema, and sehmoine esrei, than great. But if you know that you really don’t feel like it than just do the important stuff, brochos, first bracha of shema and shemonei esrei,and try to REALLY concentrate for that. Evenif it’s just shmonei esrei…
3) They say Mincha is the hardest…
Not nessesarily, for me, it’s the easiest now. After a hard day working either in a day camp, store, or babysitting. Right after you are tired,and frustrated, well go tell Hashem about it!!! It’s the shortest tefilla, and it’s just a good way to vent!!! Try it!!!
4) Drag a friend along
Choose a buddy, you call her and she calls you to remind you to daven whatever tefilla you choose to work on.
5) Read
There are daily books to help inspire you, davening with fire is a good one, try reading it or another book!!!
And remember to keep it up!!!!  Don’t take on too much at a time!!!
I hope you guyz re-kindle your connection with our creator during these long last few weeks!!!
He REALLY misses your tefillos!!!!
Daven for Israel, Moshiach, and all klal yisroel.
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– Hadassi (A pen name)

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