Hashem is watching over me

Ya, I know life is really hard.
But somewhere in my heart and mind I just know Hashem has got my back, even if things are going crazy. Crazy? Well, like finals are really hard, especially if they are in a different language other than your main language…and, I dunno, I’ve been on such a low lately…you know??? When I feel like talking to no one, cuz no one will care, and I neglect my relationship with Hashem too. Where you are all moody and not watching what you eat…so ya…
I’m sitting here crying-I’m on such a low
I feel like dying, I got no place to go
This past week, I’ve just ignored Hashem
even though he’s calling to me again and again
But the purpose to descend is always to ascend and go higher than ever before
So when I get out of this rut, I’ll be asking for more and more..

Last week’s Mishpacha Teen Pages had two of my poems, though for some reason it was  printed as one, I’m sure you can figure out where the first stops and the second one begins.



  1. I really like what you wrote bc it is so normal and real and thats what ppl need to hear! No faking and dealing with real feelings that most normal ppl can relate to! Hatzlacha!


  2. Whoa other people feel like this too? fewsh! thank you for confirming that I still have a chance of not being insane


    1. Of course, everything you go through as a teen is completely normal and hundreds of other girls feel the same way…
      The may not announce it to random strangers, but if you speak to your close friends about it, you’ll find you are never alone!


    1. Everyone feels that way sometimes!!!
      As human beings, we can’t always control our emotions, and everyone has many, many ups and downs going on inside, even if they don’t tell you.
      Your welcome! Always, remember you are not alone!!! Me and my friends talk about this stuff all the time, and it helps so much!!!


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