Pesach is coming!!!!!!
The holiday of freedom, we can gain so much here.
Yes, I know the teachers didn’t realize being free should mean no reports and homework over the next 2 weeks…but hey, nobody asked us!
Every holiday is a chance to grow and become higher, to open up our wings and soar over all the hardships and technology and horrible things going down here on earth…

And Pesach is about being free, seeing where we are, realizing what’s pulling us down, and freeing ourselves.
Maybe for our own slavery we made for ourselves without realizing it…or a different type of slavery…
Let’s take this idea into our generation.
Many people seem to be slaves to their phones, computers, Facebook, twitter, instagram, email, texts, favorite TV shows, iPods, cameras and so on.
Do you own one of the above objects?
Is it possible for you to leave the house without it? (Besides on Shabbos and Yuntiv)
I’m not telling you to let go of your electronic device, but maybe realize that you are a slave to it, and that’s not something you want to be….
Here are some tips I saw on a blog post on Yaldah!

  It’s okay to occasionally bring a device with you to your destination. It’s okay to use them when to go to your destination. It’s perfectly fine to have fun with games on your device in many places. You can share them with your siblings, play games on them, call or text your friends, etc. But if you start to feel that you need to bring it, that you can’t go anywhere without it, that you absolutely need it, then that can become a problem.
Technology was created to serve mankind and to be helpful, not for mankind to serve it. If you feel that you may need help, here are a few tips:

If, however, the top three don’t work, and you still feel that your device is grafted to you, you may want to ask an adult to confiscate it from you. That may sound ridiculous- telling someone to confiscate your own privilege! But a tip is a tip, and this one can be very effective.


Click anywhere on the paragraph to be taken to that page.
Technology was meant to serve us, not vice-versa.
Sometimes it’s hard to think about the future, especially when you don’t want to…
But think about it, who is going to care about your posts, and that game twenty years later, what is your time in this world meant to be used for???
We are allowed to enjoy and take a break…but it shouldn’t be your life, it should just be a break…
It reminds me of a book I read, about a world where you could go into this place called the life pyramid, I think. In the life pyramid they put you on a stretcher and into a room with wires attached to you, and suddenly, you could be anywhere you wanted to be.
Imagine living in your own fantasy land where you could control everything? Well, that’s what they would do, and eventually, everyone wanted to do and no one came out, and they all just died….because they loved their fantasy without challenges.

Life is meant to have obstacles and challenges, and WE are meant to use them as stepping stones to reach greater heights.
It’s halfway throught the year, a little early to be thinking about Rosh Hashanah and Yom kippur, but this is also a perfect time to re-evaluate.
Where are you coming from, what your goal is for this year, and if you’ve reached it, or even improved…
Have you?
You still have another half a year! Each day is an opportunity for a new start, each moment that you mess up, don’t say: “Ugh, forget it, I’ll try to be prefect starting next week” NO, NO! YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY NOW!!!!! Starting from the moment you mess up you have a new start!!!!

Grab it, Grab the reins to life and take control, cuz you only got one!
Have a good Pesach!!!!




  1. it is so true! you feel much better when you do something and even if that somehing is a challenge, the reward is so much greater! i read that book or something like it and it was the perfect example! Yasher Co’ach!


    1. thank you Hadassi! i got your email, and i guess i will try to make myself to pay attention for one or two paragraphs and see if it helps! thanx again!


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