My first post


This is my first time ever trying to start a blog, So I don’t know exactly how to introduce everything….
You can call me Hadassi,
I’m in 10th grade in a Bais Yackov [Ultra Orthodox school] somewhere…
Iv’e always loved writing and I wanted to start a blog to share my musings and writing with frum [Ultra Orthodox] teens like me.
I’d prefer to be anonymous, so I may be a little vague….
I really don’t know what to write…
One of the main topics I wanted to address in my blog was Tznuyis. [Modesty]
It is very hard.
I hope through out this blog I can share my thoughts and musings on Tzniyus, Stereotypes, the school system, being frum, just wanting to do the right thing, find your place in klal yisroel, [The Jewish people] and just my thoughts and writings and poetry.
I am frum, but that doesn’t mean this is exclusively to just frum girls, This blog is meant for all daughters of HaShem [G.d] to read, not just certain “types” though more frummer girls may see more in common with me than others.

What would you like me to write about first?

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