A Poem…Treating people nice

Here’s a sample of some things I’ve written to give an idea on how and what I write:

Sometimes it shocks me-how people can be so cruel
They act as if we’re their servants, while they sit and rule
Sometimes it surprises me-how mean people can be
They pretend to compliment but say it sarcastically
They think others don’t know, when they talk behind their backs
It annoys me so much, sometimes I just want to give them a whack-
And send them back to reality
Teach them some humanity
And tell them: “Just cuz you’re having a hard life
Or Peer pressure is in and you want to be liked
Doesn’t mean you can’t think,
think before you talk, say or do
Think that everyone’s life is crazy
And imagine what it would like to be her instead of being you”

My Poems aren’t always this negative, but I was in a bad mood.

I try to have Ahavas Yisroel [Love for all of Israel] and treat every Jew and goy [non Jew]nicely with a smile.
It makes such a difference, even if I don’t like them, and they are mean. The best way is to be nice and to show them that even though they are going to be mean and do an aveirah, [bad deed] doesn’t mean you also have to. Usually people are surprised and they may even start being nicer to you and others.

A smile goes a LONG way, so keep smiling, it’s still ADAR [ This month, is called Adar, it’s the Jewish moth of being especially happy] even though Pesach [Passover] and all it’s cleaning are approaching very fast.


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